Monday, January 18, 2010

In the beginning

Sustainability means different things to different people and there is plenty of gray. "Going Green" isn't as straight forward or easy as you might think. How do you know what companies and products are really "green" and not just greenwashed? What option do we each have as consumers, businessmen/women, parents, students, artists and caring members of the general population? Are there small changes we can be making right now? Are their products that are truly better for the environment than others. Does it make a difference what clothes you wear, paint you use on your walls, plants in your garden, car you drive, food you eat, where you shop and the TV you buy? What about green jobs, law, policy, opportunities? How are they are going to impact the business climate? How do you cut through all the BS and find the core of what really matters. I'm hoping this blog will help some of us do just that. Yes, both of us as this is both a platform to disseminate information, share and serve as a catalyst for self discovery and education. And because I have a deep love and appreciation for art and design, I'll have an extra focus on how sustainability is influencing the creative scene as well. Based on the experience, discovery and readers feedback the focus of the blog will be refined as it progresses. For now, its all about being Green~ And we know, "It ain't easy being green"

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