Thursday, February 4, 2010

Though this art work may not be quite Picasso or Renoir they are very interesting & highly creative pieces using recycled material as the medium

Nick Gentry decided to use old floppy disks for a purpose, other than just taking up space. Nick’s art portfolio includes some really cool mixed media paintings, most incorporating old floppy disks.

John T Unger's "La Siren II" was inspired to do bottle cap mosaics by Haitian ritual flags, in which detailed images are realized entirely through the use of sequins. Each cap is sorted by brand or color, washed, dried, punched, partially crimped and finally nailed in overlapping scales to create a feeling of depth, light and shadow. Decorative nail heads emulate the texture of seed beads often used to reinforce the sequins.

Blue River by John Dahlsen; is one of the first he developed of these new works in 2003 using recycled plastic bags as the primary medium. This work is a slight departure from his more recognizable assemblage works in which he used plastics and other detritus collected from the Eastern Australian seaboard.

Chronos, by Nadia Iliffe, is built around a theme of trying to physically stop the inevitable passage of time. This metal sculpture was created using a combination of copper and antique clock parts.

Boris Bally is a trained metal smith who uses materials from scrap yards and thrift stores, as well as precious metals to create jewelry, furniture and household utensils, "While it takes great skill to make gold and silver into beautiful things, transforming trash into something beautiful is the ultimate challenge because it takes more skill and imagination to do it."

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